Why can't I download some of the projects to work on in VS Code?

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that on quite a few of the projects I’m not given the option to download the files to work on in my own text editor. This means that when I’m trying to debug my code I’m doing so in Chrome with all of the noise produced by the background of Codecademy and making it impossible to do any real debugging.
One project where this is the case is the Redux News Reader. This project has a lot of moving parts and a lot of places where things can and do go wrong and trying to debug it without the Redux devtools (not possible because theres too much going on in codecademys code) is very difficult and an utter waste of time to be honest as it would be very easy to step through otherwise!
Can someone offer a solution?

What course? Redux? Do you have a link as an example?


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