Why can't I access other languages on codecademy go?

I’ve been using Codecademy go on and off to learn and keep my knowledge of frontend languages such as HTML, CSS and JS fresh. I recently opened it to do some quick reviews and practice questions on the go for some CSS and JS topics since I’ve been on holiday and my knowledge is rusty.

I opened it and I could only see Learn HTML. All other languages were gone and inaccessible on the app. The “Explore our catalogue” button takes me out of the app and into the web browser to access other languages. I can’t use the app to learn CSS, JS, or anything else. Only HTML.

Did I miss out on some news that reduced the app to an HTML-only flashcard practice app?

Is this on the new updated app?
Are you using Android or iOS?

I just updated my app on iOS. Every course that you’ve completed or are in the midst of should have a card which you can scroll (horizontally) through. Then you should see “Smart Practice” / quiz beneath the Flashcards. Select “Smart Practice” and you should be good to go.

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The app used to have its unique definition of ‘enrolment’ but now it works off what you’re doing on the web version. If you enrol in the JS, CSS, or any other course on the web then it’ll carry over to the mobile app after a refresh. There’s no refresh button, so you can just wait for it or close the app and go back in.


Thank you. I’ve managed to solve it my merge my two accounts into one by linking my apple id to my Codecademy account that I made with github. Now my lessons are appearing, so I can practice on the go! :partying_face: