Why can it be important to know the history of computer science?



In this lesson, we went over a brief summary of the origins of computer science.

Why can it be important to know this history of computer science?


With almost any area of knowledge or human achievement, knowing its history is very insightful and can help us learn a lot of important lessons.

The history of computer science shows the progress it took to get to this point, where computers and programming have become a way of life.

We can learn why computers were created in the first place, one important reason which was to help us perform complex calculations. We also learn how computer science has impacted and changed the world over time, giving us some more appreciation for it. Just looking at the last decade, there has been very rapid growth in the field, and its impact around the world cannot be undermined.

History also helps us learn from the past mistakes, and teaches us how we can do things differently and better than our predecessors.