Why boostrap is not part of web development path?

Why bootstrap is not part of the web development path?? or maybe I missed it?
and maybe could you help me choose which subjects are most important if I want to become a full-stack web developer with python?

Hi there.

I think the focus of the web development path is more about teaching you how to build a website from scratch using the technology of the web: HTML, CSS and JS.

Bootstrap, and other website frameworks, do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so whilst you might be able to build a website with Bootstrap you might not understand how or why its components work. As such, it might end up setting you up for failure if you try something, it doesn’t work, and then you lack the understanding to fix it.

If you’re interested in Bootstrap, there is a Bootstrap course available. :slight_smile:

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can i use react and boostrap?
or only one of them? like i want to study react, should i study boostrap too?

I don’t know React well enough to say definitively, I’m afraid.

What I can tell you, though, is that there is a GitHub project which re-implements Bootstrap as React components: React Bootstrap

I’d say that’s a fair bet for using the familiar Bootstrap components in a React-compatible way. I’d be surprised if it was impossible to have Bootstrap and React work together, though from what little I do know about React I wonder whether there might be some gotchas waiting to be found from having both React and jQuery (which is used by Bootstrap) both trying to do things with the DOM…

@thepitycoder covers most of it. I would then use React Bootstrap so you don’t have to use Jquery. Using two front-end Javascript frameworks/libraries is just unnecessary heavy.

but you should learn things in the right order. You should first learn css followed by bootstrap.

then learn JS and reactJS.

finally learn React bootstrap

using frameworks and libraries is fine, but you need to be able to understand why and see through the abstraction.

i can understand why you say this, but actually i don’t realy care about the front, just wanted somthing that look ok…