Why aren't the icons showing?

In the MainController there is an icon. According to step 2, you are supposed to display each item in the exercises array. My pictures are not showing up. Instead there is only the img/exercise displayed. What’s up with that?

        TODO: Loop through exercises and display each one with this HTML-->
        <div class="row" ng-repeat="exercise in exercises">
          <div class="exercise-icon col-xs-2">{{ exercise.icon }}</div>   
          <div class="col-xs-6">
            <p class="exercise-name">{{ exercise.name }} </p>

You need to add the directive “ng-src”. Wanted to show you an example, but I don’t know how to write code in comments. How did you do it?

<div class="exercise-icon col-xs-2" > <img ng-src='{{exercise.icon}}'> </div>