Why aren't my files uploading?

Trying to upload files from a formdata object via javascript. I did everything as described in various forums, none of them work. I get no error at this point but file just won’t upload! It’s in the browser somewhere, the server response of the xhr/fetch is 200, not pending (anymore), everything seems alright, but… where’s the file?
thanks for help

see files here:

Hey, @marzipanpaella welcome to the forums.

I know you cant upload files manually and I don’t believe you can use code to upload files. (If I’m wrong somebody correct me)

here are threads that explain what I’m trying to accomplish…

…just to name a few.

So how come it’s not possible? The code I used in the end is literally the second example mentioned above…

WIth code, you can definitely upload files but Codecademy does not let you upload files to CC. You can request this in #community:feature-course-requests