Why are Lessons already completed for me?


I'm working my way though CSS Styling, and all the code is already filled in for me and all I have to do is click 'Save & Submit Code' and it continues to the next lesson, I'm not learning this way.


They aren't all like that, and if they are for you then that's a bug. Technically as you move through it'll help you out a little but in the "Make a website portion" it should be very clear what it is that you'll be doing, which is embracing new concepts, the other concepts are those that you've already utilized before this point, and would just be busy work if you had to re-write that over any over.


Yeah I understand that, however the portions that I should be changing are already filled in for me, it gives me Instructions to do something and its already done, what is the point in that?? Maybe its a bug which is quite frustrating because you'd think that this would have been tested extensively. GRRR


Does "Reset Code" do anything for you? I would mark this topic as a "Bug"


Nothing, I've reset my browser, restarted computer, clicked reset multiple times. But still nothing, ffs I was really looking forward to getting some work done today on this.


Try working on another section for the time being until the bug gets fixed. Maybe moving on to the next language will help restore the default settings to the page for you.


Thanks lolman, I'll work on something else in the mean time