Why are font-end , full stack Syllabus Pages in Career path different?

anyway i’m enrolling font end career path and
i want my syllabus page be like full-stack syllabus page because
It’s more Beautiful and easier to read.

can anybody know how to change my syllabus page ?
i’ve been trying to solve this problem for almost 5 hours.

Thank you

It’s not just a new design - the full-stack career path has been rolled out to be a new “professional certification”, with the exams etc you can see scattered throughout the course and the new design is reflective of this:

I don’t know ether we’ll see the front-end and back-end path being updated to follow this same format (I assume they probably would?) but until (if) that happens, the path will likely remain looking the same and there’s no way to manually change it :slight_smile:

it changed !!!

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