Why am I not getting email reminders?

Is it just me, or do the email reminders not work? Usually i don’t like reminders, but for Codecademy i kind of want it to aggressively harass me into practicing constantly. But i’ve never gotten email reminders.

My Mail Settings have everything selected, daily reminders, afternoon timeframe, unsubscribe from everything is to the left/greyed out.

So it looks like i should be getting reminders every day. But i never have. I’ve gotten the occasional email for when there are major site changes, but those are the only codecademy emails i ever get. I check my spam, and i don’t see anything in there. I’m not really sure what would be causing me to not get the reminders.

That is weird.

You could submit a bug report here.

Though, that is for curriculum bugs. But, I bet you could report it there anyway.
I hope it gets fixed!