Why am I getting this wrong. I know i am correct

Hmm, that’s odd everything looks to be in order from the image. Has proper syntax. unsure maybe about the font family? is it suppose to be a string? are those two different fonts that need a separation from a ,

does it have to link h1 to your html? if so maybe that could be off?

I hope any of those might shed some insight to what could be wrong? let us know if your still having issues.

let me check. I have tried everything.

as well post the lesson. if your still having issues ill run through and see if i can make it run.

i am still having issues

How do I posted the lesson?

If a moderator can solve this.
We figured out the issue he was having was with his browser.
Microsoft Edge seems to have issues accepting proper code for the lessons.

This question had no issue with the code, just the browser.

I’ve been getting a similar issue on my ruby course on chrome, was it anything specific about his browser?

Okay. thank you so much again.

I used chrome before and I had the same issue so I switch to Microsoft edge still having the same issue. I decided to use Firefox and its works.

I’m not too sure about chrome I’ve never used it, but I had the same issue with Microsoft Edge when I started refreshing up my knowledge on languages with Codecademy. Took me about 3 hours to figure out the whole problem was with my browser like wduke was having rather then the syntax. I’m guessing it might have had something to do with some of the default settings with Edge on blocking pop-ups or restricting certain java scripts. But I never cared to look too much into it considering I preferred using Firefox anyways.

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