Why am I getting this error message?

Hello there… I am trying to do something but getting error in the console.

This is the error I am getting :hot_face:

something is not a function.

This is the code :slight_smile:

	"use strict"
  	dropRadius: 13,
  	perturbance: 0.01,

		strings:["432 Hertz Music.","Brainwave Entrainment Music"],

what am I actually doing wrong ? Do you have any idea?

I feel really lonely trying to do these stuff and everytime I am onto something I always cannot accomplish the JS part and get stuck with it even though I think that I am doing it 100% correct.

I would so much appreciate anybody willing to help me so much !

Thank you

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what is the error you are getting? So we know for sure we are replicating the problem

on the first line, jQuery is part of your code?

I have attached the typed.min.js in my html but it seems like it doesnt work and I get these exact error messages in the console

take a look at how to write document ready:


and then take a look here:

how to invoke strict mode.

I still wish that you would say something other than that to help.

if i compare your document ready:


with that of the documentation:

$( document ).ready(function() {

it looks different, do you know what document ready does?

i asked you about it:

but i didn’t see you reply at my question, did i miss it?

I have downloaded this https://github.com/mattboldt/typed.js/ and then I attached the typed.min.js into my html and then I typed that code on the main.js

I am not so familiar with jQuery I know it is something, some type of a library. I believe that I did the attachings correct and everything is in place.

I mainly dont understand why it says typed is not a function. It has to be !

but if you then use things like $(document).ready incorrectly, of course you will get an error.

what is line 2 of jquery.min.js? Because that is the error line, and i don’t have your line numbering.

line 2 ?

this is what is inside typed.min.js… but I dont know where to look at for the line 2

no, line 2 of jquery.min.js? Given that is the error line, which you can clearly see in the console error

where is line 2 of jquery.min.js
I have already sent the image of the console error at the top of this page.
Not so sure what this line 2 or where to find it

Some other people seem to have the same problem. The reason is that Typed.js is no longer a jquery plugin. this means you can’t call those function in a jquery context.

This might solve you’re problem
add <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/typed.js/1.1.1/typed.min.js"></script> instead.