Why am I getting the wrong response for statement 4?

You can only pass this if you pass off the fourth statement

Cats are female dogs

as “Yes” or “True” if you will.
Cats are, to my knowledge at least, not dogs. Irrelevant of their sex.
I can’t help but feel this is a bug.

The exercise relates to assertion versus opinion.

Cats are female dogs

is an assertion, so, “Yes”, it is a boolean expression.


I thought as much too, but it’s still very confusing regardless. When you go with “No”, it just says something along the lines of “Expected “Yes” on Statement Four”
Could’ve at least elaborated that it’s a boolean due to that, because my first thought was “We’re going with factual statements”.


The lesson text is fairly explicit, but brief as needs be. Cover this point in your review of the topic of what makes a statement a boolean, as opposed to an opinion.

It might rain tonight

has no definitiveness, so is therefore not answerable with True or False. It’s not a boolean.

It will rain tonight

has a definite aire of assertion about it, so is therefore a boolean.

We are not concerned with the veracity of the statement, only whether it can be definitely refuted or confirmed.


In this context the correct answer to “Cats are female dogs.” is “Yes”, and I have to ask: was calling cats “female dogs” (with the connotations therein) intentional?

Edited because flagged. I’ve moderated out the offensive word, however, I didn’t make the joke: Code Academy did with that question. Intentional or otherwise. So if it’s offensive then Code Academy should edit their question.


How is the statement “It will rain tonight” a boolean expression? Since it contains a prediction about a future event, it cannot be evaluated as True or False until said prediction is confirmed or not. I’m confused by your example. I wouldn’t say that’s boolean.


Unless we consider that somewhere in the world it is raining, even now. But you raise a good point.

"It is raining"

would be a better example.


I don’t think it was meant as a joke - the joke you have in mind is too obscure. It’s a bug. Statement 4 can be evaluated as True or False.