Why am i getting syntax error


bool eggs = False
bool spam = True


False and True are booleans, its there data type. No need to use bool eggs. just use eggs.


I am typing:

spam = true
eggs = false

and still getting an error message.




Try capatillise T and F


Now I'm having trouble with the problem below; adding the cost of a meal + tax (.675) + tip (.15). Can you show me the answer please? Here are the instructions.

Reassign in a Single Line
Okay! We've got the three variables we need to perform our calculation, and we know some arithmetic operators that can help us out.

We saw in Lesson 1 that we can reassign variables. For example, we could say spam = 7, then later change our minds and say spam = 3.

On line 7, reassign meal to the value of itself + itself * tax. And yes, you're allowed to reassign a variable in terms of itself!

We're only calculating the cost of meal and tax here. We'll get to the tip soon.

Let's see: meal * tax will give you the number of tax dollars to put on your bill, and meal + that number will give you the cost of the meal + tax!

The interpreter will evaluate the right-hand side of the equation first. It will ask itself, "What's meal * tax?" Once it does this and gets the result (about 3.00), it will ask itself, "What's meal + this number?" (44.50 + about 3.00 = about 47.50.) Finally, it'll move to the left-hand side of the equation and say, "Oh man, I should totally reassign meal (which was 44.50) to this new value of about 47.50." And that's how meal gets reassigned!


Meal=meal+(meal*tax) +(meal*tip)


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