Why am i getting AttributeError

Hello great people of Codecademy,
Can you please help me this this error I’m getting on this very basic Calculator program, for some reason, out of the 4 methods I created, somehow ‘addition’ throws an error, all others work.
Here is the code:

calcmethod = input("What would you like to do today - Type add, sub, multi or divi:") first_entry = int(input("Type your first entry:" )) second_entry = int(input("Type your second entry:" )) class Calculator: def __init__(self, n1, n2): self.numberone = n1 self.numbertwo = n2 @classmethod def addition(self): s = self.numberone+self.numbertwo print(s) def subtraction(self): s = self.numberone-self.numbertwo print(s) def multiplication(self): s = self.numberone*self.numbertwo print(s) def division(self): s = self.numberone/self.numbertwo print(s) perform = Calculator(first_entry,second_entry) if calcmethod == "add": perform.addition() if calcmethod == "sub": perform.subtraction() if calcmethod == "multi": perform.multiplication() if calcmethod == "divi": perform.division()

AND here is the error:

Hey! Welcome :smiley:

You have a floating classmethod decorater there. Removing it resolved the issue on my machine!

Hope this helps!

Best Answer, thanks, it worked, here I thought thats the most important line in the code, lol…