Why am I getting a Syntax Error?

Hi everyone, I am new to CA, so forgive me if this post is formatted improperly/missing any information.

I am currently working on the Python Dictionary Project: Scrabble


All was going well until I got to the “Score a Game” steps.

I keep getting a SyntaxError with one of the lines of my dictionary. However, after multiple attempts, I decided to use the help video, copied the exact same format as it showed, and am still getting the error.

Am I just oblivious to a formatting error on my part? I will upload a screenshot with my exact progress.

I would appreciate any insight;
Thank you very much! !


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Hello, @parkern23!
Your dictionary elements should be separated by commas:

my_dictionary = {
    'first_key': [...],
    'second_key': [...],
    'last_key': [ ]

Somehow I managed to miss the commas completely. Thank you for the help! Guess I was just oblivious after all!

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