Why am I able to reply 11 months after a topic closed?


I replied 11 months after a topic closed and I am very suprised to see that it accepted it.


You can't reply to a topic that's closed, but you can reply to one that's old (and quiet), although we'd prefer that you didn't since it creates a notification for all of the users previously involved and gets bumped to the top in its category.


Oh, but I'm sure this topic was closed.


Nope! See:

I closed it after deleting your post (sorry, it's normal procedure for posts that bump topics that don't really add to the discussion).


I get it now. So you think it didn't add anything really.


That and it was posted 11 months later. You basically just said what the user before you did, in another way, almost a year later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's normal procedure.