WHOLE SASS COURSE! Cannot check individual lessons on a completed course without going through each previous lesson

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
I’ve completed the course but for some reason when I click on the completed course ( In this particular instance, I’m referring to the SASS course ) it will not let me look at the individual lessons without hitting run and completing each individual lesson again! I am trying to use the courses I’ve completed as a reference.
And of course this platform is not letting me pick the entire course as a topic, this does not pertain to just the Hello Sass, but the ENTIRE Sass course!!!

Not just SASS. A lot of the releases from the past year do not cache the completed lessons. Once the session is over, the code is gone. Best I can suggest is complete each step, then copy the code and paste it into a text editor. This way you have a snapshot of every completed step (remember to copy/save the starting code first).

Seems a while back when investigating a question I had to ask for the starting code so I could paste it in and try to replicate their issue. This is why it is so important to have links, errors and code in a Q&A topic.


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