Who writes the Data Science programming content?


I just started the Introduction to Data Science course. Who are the authors of the Data Science specific courses? I would like to know the background of the instructors writing the courses.


Nothing like asking for the keys to the city. That said, it ultimately comes down to ‘the curriculum team’ so the distillation process is guaranteed on the rebound. There are no ‘fall guys’; ergo, heads do not roll on failed missions.

Hi mtf,

I’m basically comparing it to the practicum data science curriculum which is a Data Analytics build up then Data Science with machine learning. I’d post the curriculum but this forum won’t let me upload PDFs.

One should be able to get a run down of the team on CC’s About page.

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You asked with perfect timing. The team is currently rolling out this feature (listing the authors of any given course) to all of our courses.

Here is the link to our list of curriculum developers: https://www.codecademy.com/pages/curriculum-developers

And here’s an example of what the feature will look like once it’s rolled out to 100% of our courses

Thank you for your patience as this feature comes online :+1:

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But it doesn’t list what subject area they worked on and what courses. Just listing Curriculum Developer doesn’t tell me anything. I’d also like to see links to their LinkedIn CV and relevant pages. It’s a start.

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I have shared your feedback with the team.

Eventually this new feature will link the direct authors and contributors to a course.

In the link I shared above to the curriculum team page, under each profile there is a “read more” link that includes more information about the person and associated links like their LinkedIn profiles.


Thanks fede. I guess I’ll just have to wait to see who is actually writing the courses.
I’m still trying to figure out the best career path so I’m going through the overview material.

If the instructors and content are as good as they say then this site is a gem among the Data Science courses.

I look forward to getting into it.

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