Who creates web pages? Programmers or Content writers?

The example web pages mix html and content. Who would create these in real life? I can’t imagine content writers would mark up all the html, and I can’t imagine programmers writing the content.
Would writers pass on their copy to be marked up by the web developers?
Is there some means of automating this? It seems like a lot of repetitive work… or am I missing something?

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It depends on your company and customers. In my job customers usually give the content that needs to go on the website. We as programmer’s put this content in html format.

We also have some customers that know html themselves and we often let them build their website themselves if this is wanted.

I have also seen platforms where the customer can fill in the content with a WYSIWYG editor. So no html knowledge is needed.

Eventually its not extra work since after it has been build it doesn’t have to be build again.

It all depends on how much freedom you want to give your customer. If you have a WYSIWYG editor on your website customers can’t do much else than changing the content.

I have created already a lot of html web pages. Its easy to create and you can be sure it will work for many years to come. It’s part of the job. Some things are fun some things are a grind.

I don’t think you can automate this without compromising on design and functionality.

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Usually, we as programmer write the post content or let the content writers do it WITHOUT relying on HTML code.

Instead, we would do something like a markdown editor which renders the text as an HTML page. Atleast that’s what I did on the company where I am working right now.

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