Who bought the Pro version? Please tell me, is it worth it?

Hello everyone

I am learning JavaScript and would like to work as a Full-Stack developer.

I would be very grateful if you can help me answer a few questions :blush::

  1. Who recently bought the Pro version and is it worth it?
  2. And why do you need a Pro, the free one was not enough?
  3. Did you have any alternatives when choosing?

Thank you very much in advance! :innocent:


I think a week is not enough of a trial if you’re serious about trying it out. I think it’s definitely worth it to try it for a month and then just get the yearly if you like it. Just make sure to make full use of the resources it recommends (like the forums, their videos, discord, etc.).

Also, don’t have it be your only resource on the topics you’re studying about. Personally, what I like is that it’s very immediately setting you up to solve tasks at hand. If you just literally do the exercises and don’t take notes on them or reflect, as you get more advanced you’ll miss certain things.

There’s also certain topics that aren’t really touched in-depth that you’ll need supplementary materials. It depends on what kinds of tools you want as a developer. Search for what are fundamental skills and tools and see if you’re missing out on anything or need a different style for particular topics.


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!
I would really like to know why the Pro version is more needed than the free one?

You can try getting what you can out of the free one, it’s not more or less necessary.
However if you’re looking to build your skills you’ll have to supplement the sources of information from elsewhere.

It takes time, organization, guidance, and energy to create a cohesive learning plan in any new field… this is besides the scope of codecademy. So free or pro your net-effort and cost will tend towards similar values. Just don’t sign up for yearly deals with subscriptions until you’re sure about them.


I bought the CodeAcademy Pro back in January, and I honestly don’t use it enough to get the full value out of the program.

That being said, if you’re serious about learning a new skill, it’s a fantastic resource. I’m currently in the Full-Stack Career pathway, and it’s fantastic. Javascript itself is a funky language that I’m not particularly fond of, but it’s great at teaching you how to use it. That being said, the learning pathway gives you specific instructions, and there’s limited areas of “figure it out in your own way”, it’s still great because you learn how to read, write, and debug your code.

As I proceed further into the career pathway, I’m sure there will be more areas that require me to problem solve and think (probably those portfolio projects or off-site projects, but I recommend spending at least 3 hours a days on CodeAcademy to get the full workout.

If you’re interested in a specific career path, you can always learn the syntax of the languages it uses, and then pay for the program to get the additional resources, projects, and learning pathways to build your portfolio. But as it is, it’s great for what you’re paying for.

I’d call it a mini bootcamp.