Who are the Black programmers and technologists who have inspired you on your coding journey?

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A large part of what makes our community great is the diversity of learners all over the world sharing your journeys, successes, stumbling blocks, and perspectives.

Today, we’re kicking off Black History Month in the U.S., a month when we honor and reflect on the achievements and legacies of Black figures in U.S. history.

Who are the Black programmers and technologists who have inspired you on your coding journeys?

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In 1966 Maria Van Brittan created the first home security system and followed it up with the first closed circuit tv system. :clap:t6:


Mark Dean, co-creator of the IBM PC released in the 1980’s.


One more - Mark Dean assisted in the development of the color PC monitor, the Industry Standard Architecture system bus, and the first gigahertz chip.


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Mathematicians Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan.

Without the contributions of these three women there’d be no NASA or space program to speak of.


Hey all, Mariana from Codecademy HQ here!

I just want to reiterate that Codecademy strives to empower all people to build inspiring careers in technology, and to celebrate all who do. That’s why we’re celebrating Black History Month, a national U.S. holiday which is all about recognizing the achievements of Black figures throughout history, including within our collective industry.

So let’s refocus this discussion on celebrating Black figures in tech and share those people that inspire us!


Thank you for making a post like this to try and highlight Black Programmers and Black people in the tech industry. If you know of any, I would love to research further and learn about them.