I have a tiny bit of experience with a few different coding languages, not even enough to call myself a beginner but what is strange about python is the spaces.

Why in the world on lesson 6 "White spaces means right spaces".

I am super confused on WHY spacing in particular lines matters. The lesson completely failed to answer the question, "This is WHY you are spacing these particular lines"


In python, indentations (4 spaces) are very important, because they show which part of the lines are part of a loop or an if statement, and also helps to keep the code structured.

For example:

if 1 == 1:
    print "Nice"

With this code you know, that it will only print out "Nice", if 1 equals 1.


Thank you so much. Thay was very helpful, i appreciate your time to answer my noobist question.


No problem, I'm glad to help you out. It's not a nooby question at all :smiley:
Better ask if you don't understand it instead of skipping it and get confused later :slightly_smiling: