how to add whitespace to index.html file

White space is defined as any printing character that does not render to the display in any apparent manner. Spaces and line breaks are both white space. Use the spacebar or the Enter key to add whitespace.

<a href="https://www.codecademy.com" title="Codecademy home page">Codecademy</a>

There is whitespace inside the tag, used to separate attributes. Between the tags we never write whitespace since it is never rendered.

<h1>    Heading with leading and trailing whitespace    </h1>

We would not write our HTML like above. It has no practical value.

HTML ignores whitespace, for the most part. Text written on several lines in the source code will still render on a single line (line breaks ignored). Even extra whitespace in text is ignored.

<p>this    will    render    as    a    simple    phrase</p>

this will render as a simple phrase

This question is a little broad… Here’s something:

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