White Text

Much of the text in the exercise is styled in white, or #FFF. There’s obviously a temptation to change that, in order to make it visible in the browser. But I suspect that it is part of the, “joke,” that the text is so styled, or at least, it will be something seen in a future exercise, and fixing it now would defeat that purpose. But perhaps it’s the point, on the contrary, that we should remember the lesson on color, and take an initiative on our own. Therefore I’m at a dilemma. What can anyone suggest?

Edit: I see that, having asked, the exercise has proceeded to correct itself, in this case, by making the background a brownish-red. Is this a feature of Codecademy, and the forums? Is it preferred to making changes myself, that are off the beaten trail, to post it and see what develops? Or is the ideal to not post at all and walk in, “perfect faith,” that matters will be worked out?

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