While loops! question 5. Please I really need help understanding


I got the question correct but I do not understand it.. I was wandering if anyone could please explain better. Thank you in advance
for example

var number = 0
var loop = function(){

while(number<3){ (I do not know why we use this statement to say that the number is less that 3 when we want the number to be copied 3 times)
    console.log("I'm looping!");

and re we not here to write an opposite variable maybe(Number = 1) so that it does not write to infinity


I am really confused and I really need help understanding


3 is not less than 3, stop looping


what does "does number<3" mean?




The number is less than 3, I agree. my emphasis is what does it have to do in making the computer print a statement times.??


It's only less than 3 until it's not. And it's change each loop, so after three loops it's no longer less than 3 and the loop stops