While loop question


Not to produce any new topics, two questions regarding this exercise:

  1. It says that JS understands 1 as true. In this case shouldn't this work? ->

while(understand === 1)

  1. While using the mentioned solution while(understand === true) it prints out "I'm learning while loops" and in another line false. Can anyone explain why? I'm not using the console.log command for it so as far as I understand it shouldn't be there. I'm attaching the full code to make it easier:

var understand = true;

while(understand === true ){
console.log("I'm learning while loops!");
understand = false;

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using three equal signs also means the data type should match. 1 is a integer, true is a boolean, data type is not a match. Two equal sign means the data type don't have to be a match, so:

while(understand == 1)

would work

You update a variable after the last console.log statement, so the console displays the last updated value. If you don't want this, swap console.log and updated understanding to false lines around


Stetim94, thanks for the clarification regarding 1st point, it works as you said :slight_smile:

As for the second part I know form previous lessons that when using the variable name without VAR I am updating it. However I don't understand why it prints. Does it always work like this? And how should I update the lines around? If I remove the line changing understand to false it creates infinite loop (already tested :wink:) If i move it out of the while loop it creates infinite loop again.


this is console behavior, the last updated variable is logged to the console if there are no more console.log() after updating the variable

which is why i recommended swapping console.log and updating the variable around, this way, the last thing reached is a console.log, so the updated variable doesn't get logged by console behavior


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