While loop Practice makes perfect ( someone just tell me the answer)


The hine says I haven't logged the I'm looping three times but i have times it by 3.

what am i doing wrong

//Remember to set your condition outside the loop!

count = 0
var loop = function(count){
	while(count < 3)
	console.log("I'm looping!" *3)
		//Your code goes here!



you have so much going on in this

1 while loops need brackets, just like a function, so you first want to start with:


2 the point of the loop is to print "I'm looping!" 3 times, not for you to do it yourself. You need to make it print every time that it loops through. That's were the last part comes in

3 you need to increment count, or it will never stop looping

your function should look like this because of those things:

var loop = function(){
	    console.log("I'm looping!");
		//Your code goes here!

also, please don't just ask for the answer. you need to understand it, or you're going to have to ask for help every single time you do a new lesson.


Why don't we need a parameter within function( )?

What is the purpose of loop( ); outside of the while loop and function?


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