While Loop Bug in C++ Course

Hi there!

I want to report a bug in the C++ course. I think as per this thread it is already known but was not resolved. Every time I use a while loop and then press Ctrl + Enter, the connection to Codecademy is severed, then there is a reconnection and then the save button will not stop showing the rotating circle. Also, the changes to the code are not saved. I already have tried refreshing the page but the problem persists. Of course, I can do the exercises without the while loop but since it is an elementary keyword for software development, I think this bug should be addressed and fixed in the future.

Can you link to where you’re having the problem?

I think when you have a loop in the CC environment you need to press ctrl-c for it to abort the process, as that is the common command for unix/linux based systems.

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Could you post the code you used for the while loop? As this sounds like you have an infinite loop, or a loop with a condition that cannot be meet. I could be wrong but hard to tell with out the code you used :slight_smile: