Which web design/development program is better--Need help deciding


Hello coding world,

I am interested in taking web design/development classes at a local community college and am debating between two schools.

Washtenaw Community College's web program is through their digital media arts department. http://www.wccnet.edu/academics/programs/view/program/CTWDDC/
What I like about WCC is that I can get a general certificate in both front and back end without having to specialize until later. If I want to specialize, I can pick up an advanced certificate in either web
design http://www.wccnet.edu/academics/programs/view/program/CVWDSN/ or web development http://www.wccnet.edu/academics/programs/view/program/CVWDEV/ later on).

Oakland Community College's program is through their computer information systems department. They require that we choose between web design http://catalog.oaklandcc.edu/programs/computer-information-systems/web-designer-option-certificate/ or web development http://catalog.oaklandcc.edu/programs/computer-information-systems/web-developer-certificate/ up front (each certificate does have some courses in common with the other, however).

Anyway, if anyone with experience in these fields can offer a suggestion as to which program is better, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I apologize if this question is in an improper section subject matter-wise. I just didn't know where to put it offhand and figured a course on HTML/CSS would be a good place!



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Thanks, and sorry again!


Where can I find the "Corner Bar?"


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