Which way to go?

Hi guys. I started about a month ago the Data Science path and I am currently at the Pandas section. Should I stick to the path or should I take the Python 3 Course to understand better its concepts. I am asking this because the 3 chapters of Python in the D.S path seemed very shallow and I am sure there is so much more to Python than just a few syntax notions and the concept of loops.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!
Well the python 3 course provides you more “tools”, and has no prerequisites, in my opinion you should probably take it, and you’ll have better understanding at programming as well as python itself.
Although Data Science path does provide some python, but only stuff that are required for the Data Science path, if its not Data Science, you might not be able do some certain things with python.
I don’t know if the python 3 course has lessons about bitwise operators (as I don’t have pro account) so you might be missing some stuff that are maybe not useful for data science but still interesting and good to learn.
So in my opinion you should put Data Science to park for a while and concentrate on python.