Which version of python is codecademy using for the teaching steps?


in the "its okay to be average section", we are given an example of how division works with python. However, the way it works here and the way it's working in my python shell are quite different. dividing an int by int always gives a float and there is no need to add the float() for this to happen like how they explained in the examples.
is the python version being taught newer or an older version than that of mine? (i am using version 3.4.3). I also noticed a difference in the print function where there is no need to add parentheses to something you want to print whereas any print function i do in my python shell, i have to add these parentheses. I just wanted to know so that i can compensate for these changes when writing my own code!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It's version 2.7.10, so the print is a command and not a function, (but don't ask me the difference.) The main differences are that in python two, user input is taken with raw_input() and print does not need parenthesis.


oops my bad about the mix up with the print. i do understand the differences though. Thanks for the reply!


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