Which Version of Python am I learning?

I started to use Codecademy about a week ago. It’s amazing. But I just have one question. You see, my friend saw the notes I was taking and she said to me, Why are you learning Python 2? Python 3 is newer and better. I started to think why would Codecademy teach me Python 2 when there is a newer version? My question is: Which version am I learning and which is better? Python 2 or 3?

Yes, codecademy teaches python2

Python3 is still a plan, but when that is ready it will be announced.

You can still learn python2, its not that difficult to then learn python3. Its still both python

Thank you very much. I just have one more question. Do popular Python IDE’s support Python 2 and 3?

they should support both yes, but for new projects, you should use python3.

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