Which UI should I use for Pyton 3?


I am a beginner on Pyton , actually I am a beginner to whole software.
I had some classes like c++, c#, R , Matlab, SPSS in my Statistics education in University. But they were like “easy classes to get credit” , so we didn’t learn much there. But I’m so interested on Software, and had a course on Unity and c# 3 years ago. That course was a money hunting so I failed on that. They teached me nothing beside I couls learn on youtube.
Anyway, lately I heard a lot “Do you know Pyton” or “Are you interested in Pyton”. So I decided to start Pyton, and started it here. But I need to study it on my computer and don’t know how to do it yet.
I have downloaded Pyton 3 extension for Visual Studio but couldnt understand it yet that is it enough.
Can somebody guide me about how to start pyton on my own computer?


Download and install Anaconda on your machine. It will install Python on your machine. Then, when you are working on a .py extension file in VS, it should be able to recognise your default Python in your machine.