Which skill to take after a javascript course

Hello guys!
I have just completed introductory javascript course.I have basic knowledge of html which i learned a long time ago…i wanna ask should i make a good grasp on html and css before going to react.js,express.js and node.js or should i directly jump on them?
An insight would be of great help about what to do next.


Well, if you plan on doing Front-End work, then yes start digging into HTML / CSS.
Although if I remember correctly, you only need a basic understanding of HTML to work with React.

But you might end up working with other Front-End developers, so understanding the tools that they use will facilitate the relationship. If you’re not really planning on styling pages, just get some understanding of how CSS works, and get a good grasp of HTML. It’s really simple to learn. Shouldn’t take you long at all.


  • Good grasp of HTML
  • Basic understanding of CSS
  • Dive into the JS world

thank you sharing your experience with me, now i have a clear picture.