Which Pro Intensive course is right for me?

Hello -

I’m interested in creating a blog from scratch.

I began the “Build Websites from Scratch” Pro Intensive last year but did not finish. I did not have an end goal in mind at the time. When I got busy, that was all the reason I needed to stop. Now that I have an end goal, I’m wondering…Should I restart “Build Websites from Scratch”? Or, should I enroll in “Build Website UI’s”?

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Simple answer: Finish your Build Websites from Scratch course.

Or otherwise you can actually subscribe to Pro and do the Web Development Path.


Thank you! Simple is best.


Btw, “creating a blog from scratch” can mean a lot.

The Build Websites will allow you to create a functional website connecting different sub-pages, in your case blog articles. But to get a real “Blog” could mean to a Content Management System or you customise a template engine for that.

@oduffy might be able to help clarify on that if you have more queries.


First finish “Build Websites from Scratch” since you have an end goal. Then you should start “Build Website UI’s”. That is my opinion for you.

I hope this helps =)