Which Path To Follow? Stuck with Course to Take

Hi Codecademy community! Hope you are all well and learning lots of what you have set yourself to learn.

I am a new member of Codecademy community. It took me a week to finish the Codecademy Foundations, Basics and very High Level Overview of all the careers.

I want to pursue the Full-Stack Developer Path. I have used drag-and-drop Website Builders before but I want to learn how to create something of my own. My dilemma is… Should I pick HTML, CSS, Java And back-end knowledge as separate individualcourses within Codecademy, or should I just go into the Full-Stack Developer Path? They claim to give you the necessary knowledge for Front and Back End…

If I was to take the different Web-development courses individually, do they go into more detail? Or will these courses be inside of the Full-Stack Developer Path, with the same information/details?

My thinking is that by going by the career Path there will already be A Structure to follow, which ultimately I want, as many people. My dummy brain thinks, however, that the individual courses might actually go a bit further when explaining certain topic details (Example: HTML Syntax, Elements, Etc).

So… Is it best to pick individually in this given case, or should I go for the Full-Stack (and Hope to learn HTML, CSS, JAVA, JQuery within it)? I would appreciate any insight :slight_smile:

PD: I know I could study both individual course and full-stack. Even knowing I could do that, it could get messy sometimes, I think.

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys! :smiley:

I think the front and back end corses go into a tiny bit more detail but I have not done the full stack or the back end corses. Also Java is not used in any part of a website JavaScript is

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Oh I see! I think I will take the Career Path :slight_smile: but thanks for taking the time to reply to me!

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