Which OS do you use?

Hello everyone,

I was curious what OS people use, below is a poll where you can choice, if you would like to explain why you use a certain OS, feel free to make a reply

  • linux (debian/ubuntu based)
  • linux (the rest of the linux distros)
  • windows 7
  • windows 8/8.1
  • windows 10
  • unix
  • freebsd
  • solaris
  • mac OS

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If more OS should be added, let me know, i will add them.


Did you know that you can make a multiple choice poll? I’m 50/50 on my OS so I can’t decide which one to click here.


Yea, i know, but wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do here, it seems it should be, i will edit it


50/50? how can you be 50/50? How can you have 2 OS in one computer?


I have two computers.


windows and linux? easy, i had windows, and 4 linux distros at certain point. That would make it a hepta boot? :stuck_out_tongue: hepta is 7, it should be penta boot, penta is 5


Arch on my desktop, it also has a couple other distros installed but they don’t seem to like my hardware all that much. Arch aims to keep its packages vanilla and up to date. 3 days is stable right?

Fedora on laptop, didn’t care to set up Arch and i’ve had no issues with it so I’ve left it that way.

School uses Mint on the machines that I use there, their ssh servers are beastly so sometimes I’ll use those from home


You mean this?




That are a lot of different distros, and different package managers (pacman, yum and apt-get)

Arch is fantastic, it takes some time to set up, but totally worth it :smiley: @amanuel2, yea that one, i use that as well, really nice, fantastic in fact :smiley:


I have Windows 10 on my HP Beats Laptop. I am just asking whitch one is better in both of your oppion @stetim94 and @ionatan . Windows OS or Apple OS


mac OS will only run on mac hardware, the alternative you have is hackintosh. But no idea but that, but i think hackontish does not have the good points a mac computer would have. No linux? :frowning:


Its cool, i love :love_letter: windows 10 anyways! Espically with that touch-screen!! :grin:

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What do you like about windows 10? I tried it for a day, after that i ditched and went back to linux :smiley: With touch screen linux might be a bit lacking, i admit that


They all have their issues. Linux is immature when it comes to the desktop experience, fonts and UI may look terrible, video drivers may be so-so.

Haven’t used mac. But it’s unix-like, unlike windows so you get your terminal and it looks okay. It’s also designed to work as a whole, while a gnu/linux system gets its stuff from all over the place. But don’t they stop supporting old machines and have this closed garden thing, limiting what you can do in all kinds of ways? I Shouldn’t say too much, haven’t used it.

Windows has PowerShell… but my impression is that this is a world of its own and it’s more of an interface to the OS than it is a useful tool for doing anything in. But again, barely used it.

Linux’s freedom with windows’ hardware support would be ideal. Not sure what qualities I’d want from mac, more shiny stuff? That’s what mac does right, shiny. GUI’s in linux can feel flimsy or glitchy, unfinished.

Oh and installing stuff from outside repositories of your linux distro can be a mess, maybe I’m just bad :<


Yes, linux does have issues, no denying there.

I haven’t used mac either, but mac i think is nice. One of the drawbacks would be low customization, which is a plus in linux (high customization), windows is somewhere between linux and mac i think

Powershell looks complicated, but i heard some people claim it is really powerful and maybe even a competitor for bash, bash has simple command which you can chain to make it powerful.

I think linux is getting better with laptop/desktop support. But it is still not there. Gui in linux is indeed not ideal, but i have to admit i do like xfce4 on my arch install.

That can become messy, but there aren’t that many cases where you need to install stuff from outside the repository’s?


Windows Victory Over Linux!!!

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Lol, linux !== mac. Try again



Microsoft Victory Over Linux!!!

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I use a linux/Ubuntu OS. Switched from windows on my Dell XPS laptop. It’s a tablet convertible computer, so I lost a deal of features, however they are features I’ve since stopped using as often since I am spending more time with my hands on the keyboard coding than I am lounging watching videos in tablet mode.

Linux off the bat is a beautiful design which trumps windows, simply from the homescreen and the file explorer is superb. Windows hasn’t gotten that down for it’s entirety of development with tabs and side windows that simply clutter and frustrate.

Simply put, that linux is made by developer’s shows strongly through my use of it, in good ways and bad ways, though mostly good, and the bad are understandable.

The reason I use Ubuntu is simply because I am new to it.