Which languages do I need in order to create a self-publishing platform?

Hello, friends!

I need to know which specific languages I need to learn and anything else of necessity in order to create a self-publishing platform myself (think Wattpad, the Black List or Tapas).

Thanks everyone for your time!

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You need good back-end knowledge. Some sort of SQL, potentially Python - (Flask or Django) but others are possible, HTML/CSS/Javascript plus more possibly on the frontend, and some nginx.

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For the nginx, do I just use NGINX, or would you recommend an alternative for self-publishing?

Thanks! :grin:

I guess there’s apache but I don’t know it. Those are the main two. There’s a little bit of a learning curve to nginx if you’re starting fresh so get ready to read some documentation, keep track of error logs, and find a decent tutorial. Once you get used to it, it works really well.

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I’m learning so I can make my own site too, but do I only need to learn back-end if I want to host the site myself?

If you focus purely on backend, I think you might need to find someone to take care of the frontend – that is, unless you already have a decent grasp of frontend (the big 3 being HTML, CSS & Javascript). I would think someone that self-hosts would be fairly competent at backend.

I’m gonna be doing both, probably.

Maybe I helped answer your question?

Yeah! I haven’t thought about doing back-end yet. At this time, I am focusing on front-end because I want to make my own website.

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Backend is useful to know but is not always going to fit your needs. You get a lot more flexibility but it does require learning a lot of skills (which are all doable of course).

@dinnosam if you want your website to work with some sort of database you will need some minimal backend. This would be the case if you want things like user accounts, keeping track of changing inventory, etc.

At the moment, I only want to make an informational website for our business. It would be hosted by a third party. I don’t think I need back-end for that–do I? At the most, we might want to include an online emailing form, which would need back-end to make and keep safe from hackers.

Yeah, you probably won’t need much back-end, if any. For an online emailing form, you’d need minimal back-end knowledge.

Hope this helps.

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