Which language should i learn?


Dear fellow programmers,
I would like to know which language should I start learning first? I just want to learn so I can have an extra skill… I don’t have any plans to use it anywhere. I would like to start off with an easy language… so that I don’t start hating programming… the four languages I would like to start off with are:
1: Python
2: java
3: javascript
4: ruby

which one of these should I start off with? ? ? ? kindly even tell me in which order should I learn these 4 languages… I would like to learn them all…


order doesn’t matter, Python might syntax wise be the easiest

Java is everywhere, and very useful one to learn

Javascript is a good choice if you want to go for front-end web development (html + css are needed, which are markup language, so even easier)


Up to me i like the javascript