Which language should I learn to write a software like this?

Hi all,
My name’s Nick, and I DJ in my spare time. I process a high volume of music, which i currently use 3 different tools for, namely Bulk Rename Utility, Tag and Rename, and AllwaySync.
One of the first things I would like to do with my newly acquired skills is to write myself a software similar to Bulk Rename Utility (http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Download.php), to effectively manage my music collection, combining the features I use from all 3 programs into one.

So my question is this… which language(s) should I consider learning, if i’m going to be able to achieve this, and why.

FYI, i am almost finished my first course here at codecademy, JavaScript. I have almost no other knowledge of programming yet.

You’ll also want to learn Front-end, so HTML/CSS next.

Then probably Angular after that.

Ok thank you @cadecodes

Couple questions however. are these not all Web browser based languages, meaning they are built to be run in a browser environment?

And why is there no c++ course, I seem to see a lot of coders using this language for standalone windows based programs.

Sorry if I sound like a noob…