Which language is appropriate for this project?

I’m supposed to make a project about what I’m about to explain, but I don’t know which languages and frameworks to choose to complete all of this. I didn’t want to make ir native, or just web based, so I decided it should be hybrid. Apart from the Big Data part, that I’m using an R script, to analyze a csv downloaded when exporting some rows from a DB, everything else I don’t know what to do.

I started using Ionic, but I’m not familiar with it, so it’s giving me some problems. Also using the Google Maps API to display a map, and create some predefined routes for the user to select. If you wanted to do this, what would you use for each part of the hybrid app?

This is the project:

A service must be implemented to propose, through a mobile application, registered users visiting routes to tourist and / or leisure places, with incentives, recommendations, etc., which in turn allows us to obtain information about your preferences and habits. The data obtained should follow a format capable of being analyzed with Big Data techniques for obtaining relevant information for authorities, merchants, security forces, etc.

The service must consist of at least the following functionality:

  1. Mobile application for users that through GPS positioning allows show and manage the routes of visit, as well as obtain the data to send them to the central server application.

  2. Service information portal with user registration and management (the portal may be based on a content manager).
    a. The tourist information can be obtained from existing portals or managed by the same portal.
    b. The information that will be obtained from the users must be linked to the purpose of the service

  3. Analysis of data (Big Data): the purpose of the service, in addition to offering routes of interest, it will be that at least two objectives are obtained from the following list with the registered data:

  4. Preferred tourist sites by age group.

  5. Better areas to install shops.

  6. Better areas to install leisure / catering facilities.

  7. Better areas to go with the family.

  8. Places with greater / less problems of citizen security.

  9. Places with better / worse accessibility.

  10. Places with better / worse access with public transport.

Thank you for your time, I’m borderline dead inside thinking that’s gonna be really hard to finish…