Which language is appropriate for this project?

New user here willing to learn… just don’t know where to start.

I want to make a simple interactive webpage that mimics the turn signals on a motorcycle. Specifically, I’d like to have 2 graphic ‘switches’ that when each is clicked blink the appropriate left/right lights.

I’m envisioning a Top-Down planview of a motorcycle with graphical depictions of the four lights that blink on/off. The user would select (click toggle?, rollerover?) either the left or right graphic to make the lights blink appropriately.

Behind the scenes will be some logic and timing requirements. i.e XOR for the turn switch selections and timer for the blinking rate.

So… my questions:

  1. Is this too complicated an attempt for a first timer with webpage design?
  2. Which language is most appropriate/easiest to use for this project?

Thanks so much for reading this and providing your feedback,

The language in web are only 3:

html, css and Javascript. You will html and css regardless, you can’t make a webpage without. html & css are markup languages, so easy to learn

then you can use Javascript for this:

the question is if you want to use javascript, or a library like jquery. Or another Javascript library, there are a tons of them.

i would learn the basics of JavaScript regardless, understand how JavaScript does DOM manipulation, and then decide on a framework based on your needs, given then you might have a clearer picture of how you want things

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Thank you stetim94.

May I ask which software do you think is the easiest to learn basic html and css? I’m thinking of starting this project with basic graphic shapes (boxes, circles) that can represent the input switches and output blinking lights.

Is there a gui type software that visually shows as the page is being designed?

sure, drag and drop software exist. Surely this can be found with google.

I would just learn the languages and code it, that is more fun :slight_smile: And you need understanding of html & css if you want to do dom manipulation. You could even do basic animations in css, but then browser support is something you should pay attention to

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