Which language for web-based stock market spread sheet


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I’m beginning work on a new project that is a subscription-based web app. This app will act like a spreadsheet, except that it needs to be completely designed to look not so much like a spread sheet, but an app embedded in a page. It will need to pull real time ever-changing stock market data and do lots of mathematical computation on the data, then display the results in a sort-able spreadsheet type fashion. It needs to allow the user to include a basket of their own stocks, and also store a list of our own pre-set stock lists. It needs to be easy to customize color design so that it fits into the look, feel and style of our website and branding instead of a simple dimple spreadsheet. Examples are like:

I’ve programmed in a few different languages in the past, namely Lingo for Director, FLEX apps and a little javascript, so I can pick up on stuff if I study. I just don’t know which language is best for this type of project. Any opinions on which direction to go would be greatly appreciated as I will definitely study that.

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iextrading has an API:


i would certainly use that. Websockets is good for real time data. So certainly Javascript, and very likely a library/framework to help with all the DOM manipulation (so reactJS or vueJS), and html & css obviously for the layout and design of the page.

where does this data come from? Does it need to be stored somewhere? Is this real time as well?