Which language after Python?

Hello there, I am just through my Python course and was thinking which language should I do for web development after I’ve done the course. And which area is JavaScript for? Also, from you experts, how really competitive is the coding world? What would it take to get a good data science job? Just an amateur asking…

From the small amount of coding experience I have, I would recommend Javascript, because it is so much like Python and that could be a good step into web development. If I remember correctly, HTML, Javascript, and CSS all work hand in hand to create interactive and really cool websites.

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Hello @shri1510,

As you should notice, Python isn’t only a web development programming language but used in most stuff regarding to data science, machine learning, software development, etc.

In order to getting strated for web development, you should learn HTML5 + CSS + JS. These three languages can help you to accomplish the Front-End part of the webpage while you require some Back-end language and Databases if you want to process and store data.

Most used Back end languages:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP

Databases engines:

  • MySQL
  • Postgress
  • MongoDB

There is a huge ammount of tecnologies regarding web development (frameworks, libraries, APIs) but don’t worry, you don’t have to learn everything to make your own website :wink:


Thanks @kingdarboja. Another question- What are today’s leading things–> Data science? Machine learning? Software development? I mean to say what is the new coding trend? Again, thanks for the reply!

Javascript - it works well with CSS and HTML.

JavaScript. But if you want to stick to machine learning then nothing is better than Python. Why Python Is The Most Popular Language For Machine Learning

After Python, You can learn Machine Learning which is a very popular programming language. machine learning is so important because as models are exposed to new data, they are able to independently adapt. They learn from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results.

Machine Learning you can learn after python because this is very popular programming language today.