Which is the best platform to teach kids coding?

I would like to know which is the best coding platform to teach kids coding. Could someone please help me?

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Hello @design1421386683, welcome to the forums! Often block coding is used-and websites such as scratch are very good. Block coding helps teach children variables, lists, loops, etc (even functions)-without making them learn much syntax.

Alternatively, you could use some website (like Codecademy) to teach a fairly simple (for lack of a better word) language (like Python). I think it really depends on the interest and (to some extent) the age of the children.

I hope this helps!

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Depends on the age. But Scratch is a good start if they’ve never touched code before, although in my opinion its pretty ugly, along with Alice. Both Scratch and Alice are free to use programs that you can download straight from their prospective websites. Scratch and Alice shows the use of logic over the actual implementation of coding language, such as datatype names or concepts. However, if you have money and time to spare I’d suggest using RPG Maker as a starting point.

Personally, I started from RPG Maker, and depending on which version you can learn different languages, but the basic user interface doesn’t require any coding whatsoever. I feel it is a more direct way of expanding and transferring that knowledge and applying to coding language than Scratch or Alice. And if you have time, you can work with the child to create games they’d like and be more interested in. However, the caveat is that RPG Maker is a paid software, you will have to shell out a pretty penny depending on which version. The newest as of 10.30.2020 is about 70-80$ the cheapest version which is 2003 is about $20, but if you can wait, RPG Maker does go on sale quit often throughout the year, you can check Steam or RPG Maker’s website for pricing.

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