Which is better: React Native or Native Script?

Let’s analyse this by goal, status and predictions.


  • NativeScript’s goal: 100% shared code
  • React Native: Learn once, write anywhere.

Ideally, NativeScript has a more lofty goal. Subjectively, I think React Native has a more achievable goal. It acknowledges and embraces differences between the platforms, but provides common sets of tools between them to build applications that work across many.

As act Oct 2015, NativeScript is in version 1.5, and React Native is in version 0.13. NativeScript has been used in many released apps (a quick search will answer this). It produces about 4 times the Google Search results (over 200,000 vs React Native’s ~50,000). Therefore, NativeScript seems like it’s in a more mature position now.

React Native is created by Facebook, a huge company with many resources in money, developers and clients. NativeScript, on the other hand, while being an open source project, is backed by a much smaller company, Telerik (who?).

Conclusion: NativeScript looks great today and is really impressive, and is more mature and has more users. However, React Native is likely to be the wave of the future, at least in the short-medium term.

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