Which Hosting Providers Allows You to Use Your Own 100% Custom HTML and CSS Design?

Hello, not sure if I’m the first one to post this but does WordPress.Org that you download on your PC actually allow you to fully customize your full website from Design & Development include the theme, navigation, etc. where you can customize every detail of design and placement down to the pixel on a web page? I have WordPress downloaded and I’m finding they have widgets and other labels already positioned which is conflicting with my design and how I want my site to look.

I’ve built my own blogging website on my PC learning most of the HTML, CSS and Bootstrap from CodeAcademy and have my domain name and most of the content written out to use. Now what I’m looking to do is have everything hosted with the ability to add in plug-ins for SEO, Contact Forms, Registration for users to submit posts, anti-spam and anything else that contributes to a great website/blog.
*Note I do not know programming yes so I am using a plug-in for things like the contact form submission.

One specific example is the Bootstrap CSS code I place in the CSS widget on the ‘About’ page will not process my Accordions or Carousel or Card components on the page. Same goes with other components on the Home page. It’s entirely frustrating and if a block of content I want on the page to span the entire column of 12 on a page is reduce to more of a left-aligned look when I go to preview my page when I’m logged into my WP Admin account.

My frustration after reading and looking hard online is that you can make your own website from scratch in WordPress.org and I’m finding this not to be the case or I am entirely missing something altogether. Apologies to all of you for this if it sounds like I’m ranting & complaining but please understand my frustration. If any of you reading this can point me in the right direction or give me guidance and a detailed answer to solve my situation I’d sincerely appreciate your generous response.

Thank you for taking the time for reading my topic. I look forward to reading and replying to your posts.

This is purely opinion, so please bear with us…

Strictly speaking, the best firsthand experience is working with a barebones site on a web server. Pay for your hosting package and you will get no interference from your host provider.

I have no opinion of who is best. I’ve been with the same host since 2003, and come to expect evolution so am never surprised by how they change their site. But we rarely interact with our host. Our client software looks after all the interaction.


That is a page I use on a site root to confirm the request URL points to a namespace for that domain.

Bottom line, experience full control over your site for at least a year before venturing into the world of frameworks or content management systems. Even that duration will be jam packed with learning about accessibility and validation, optimized scripting, optimized style sheet, document outline, layout design, &c. This is web development 101. The one opportunity we have to lay in a solid foundation.

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seems possible enough:


personally, i have no experience with wordpress.

If you truly want to start from scratch, why use a CMS? Just get a VPS (virtual personal server).

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