Which Courses to Take? Excel model into Web App

Hi CodeAcademy Community,

I am a new user, and this is my first post.
My coding experience is limited to creating a user-interactive Excel Financial model using VBA which involves heavy calculations, and millions of rows of data in it.

My goal is to convert that Excel model into a web application, where a user can:

  1. Input data into tables directly from excel data sources, and also input manual numbers into some cells.

  2. Based on the inputs, the “Calculations” page runs is updated dynamically after any change to the input, and results in various rows of calculations that are visible to the user.

  3. Based on the calculations and outputs, the webpage displays many different type of charts such as:

    • Area & Line Time Series Charts
    • Pie Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Map where points can be marked based on lat/long.
    • User Defined Charts based on data that they want to visualize
  4. The user should be able to save their input and move onto the next set of inputs to continue with their financial modeling.

  5. The user should be able to load any of their input set and edit it.

  6. Multiple users can work simultaneously but on different set of inputs.

There are so many sources out there to learn from, and so many platforms/languages to learn from but as per my understanding, I should be learning these:

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. MongoDB
  4. CSS
  5. Django

Any help to steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hello @shakti.sehra,

In order to accomplish such goal you must start learning the basis of web apps, which is HTML5 + CSS + JS. It handles the basis step to make an interactive website from scratch and understand advanced tools like frameworks, libraries, pre-proccessors.

After that, I recommend learning python since it has a powerful library called Pandas in order to handle stuff like reading/writing Excel spreadsheets, perform data analysis on your table (Which is called Pandas.Dataframe) and so on.

Also, Python serves as the programming language of Django, one of the most famous web frameworks out there. Along with Django, you can use SQLAlchemy to handle databases in a pythonic way, without having to deal with specific language syntax of those databases engines.

For last, Bootstrap or Foundation 6 can save you time at Front-End customization.