Which course to choose?

Hey guys!
I have recently finished the free courses of codeacademy and i am seeking of a new course but i am a little bit confused which one to choose would u please help me out?
codeacademy pro course is better or intensive?
p.s: i really want to become a web designer coder or anything to work as soon as possible because i need money to pay my college.


Web designer and web developer are two different things.

the pro course gives access to freeform projects and quizzes, the freeform projects are good for building portfolio. Pro-intensive also gives access to all pro-content, Pro-intensive is also really good courses

programming doesn’t have an easy way in, and its not the easiest way to make money. You can look at things like upwork to see if you can do some freelancing.

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Thank you for ur answer :slight_smile:
u mean the pro intensive also includes pro and it’s suitable for my level to continue coding?

yes, but you can also look into free alternatives like freecodecamp