Which course to choose for a beginner?

Hey guys, I just finished the course ‘code foundation’, and I think im quite interested in data science field, so which course should I take next for a complete beginner like me if I want to learn more on data science.

The most common languages in data science are Python and R (so far as I know), then I would choice Python. Python is popular and can be easy to learn.

ok cool, so the best option for me currently is to take the course python3 right?

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Python can be the most beginner friendly course! I will add that Java and C++ would also be a language to build foundations that Python may skip over.

That is the draw-back of python, certain things might be confusing. On the other hand, Java can be very overwhelming with all the classes

Always difficult to advise someone you don’t know, some people might be better of with python, and that they pick up the things they skip over later, while other people want to start with learning all these concepts first (then C or something might be a better choice)

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